Papierklei Paperclay

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Papierklei Paperclay
Paper Clay Products (UK)
Finely milled cellulose fibre for making paperclay, papier-mache and hand made paper also pre-mixed paperclay

Flax Paperclay
Scarva pottery supplies are based in banbridge northern ireland. this site contains information on our poterry products as well as profiling local artistic talent.

Paperclay (Ian Gregory)
Ian gregory ceramic sculptor, information about his ceramic work, kiln building, paper clay and summer courses

Paperclay (R. Gault, USA)
Paperclay (R. Gault, USA)

Paperclay Research (Miller)
Unpublished paper by andy miller in western australia, on slipcasting techniques developed for paperclay.

MiniWorkshop Papierklei
gratis online cursus papierklei maken

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